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CAYUGA being refueled at sea. (DND photo submitted by Walter Emery). 
"I joined Cayuga in Halships in the Spring of 1961. She was finishing refit when I joined. Unfortunately, the night before I arrived aboard there had been a major fire in the Ops Room. Power had been left on a high voltage cable which had a cut end dangling. The heat was so intense that everything in the Ops Room literally melted. There was no flame until the roundsman opened the upper hatch to the flat and let fresh air in. We were delayed for another 8 months while the damage was repaired. I was the navigator and got to redesign the chart room to my specs. The attached shows the official photo of the results. I thought it was the best chartroom of any Tribal in the fleet!" (Photo and copy courtesy of Michael Young).
218_smoke_52s.jpg Taken in Korea in 1954, HMCS Cayuga is practicing the technique of making smoke. 
(Photographed by Don Bjorndahl)


218_entering_harbour_1953p_s.jpg CAYUGA is entering Pearl Harbor in December 1953. Photo taken by Morpher Ship Pictures,  San Diego, California. (Submitted by Don Bjorndahl) 
218_entering_harbour_1953s_s.jpg Same as above, but starboard view of same scene. (DND photo)
etty_crash1953_s.jpg After Cayuga emerged from her refitting as a destroyer escort in February 1953, she engaged in trials, workups and shakedown cruises until November of that year. The period was not without incident. On March 5, Cayuga was docking at Esquimalt. A misinterpreted order meant that the ship's engines went half-ahead instead of half-astern and she drove her bows 25 feet into the jetty. Cayuga was only slightly damaged. (Photo courtesy of Don Bjorndahl
218_dignitary1950s_s.jpg Dignitaries take the reviewing platform at Duntze Head in Esquimalt as Cayuga heads to sea sometime in the mid-1950's.  (DND photo via Pat Cote <patricot(a)rogers.com>)
218_massey_engroom_s.jpg Governor-General Vincent Massey tours the engine room sometime in the 1950's. (DND photo via Pat Cote <patricot(a)rogers.com>)
218_massey_3in50_s.jpg Governor-General Vincent Massey inspects the 3" 50 gun. (DND photo via Pat Cote <patricot(a)rogers.com>)
218_radio_ant_s.jpg Ahoy Former Cayuga "Sparkers" : The fitting of Cayuga's  radio whips in this apparent mid-50's photo  is very different from that of the rest of the Tribals. The sponsons seem to be different (#1 and 3). Why are there two whips fitted on each side of the forward funnel?  (Item #3).  For Item 4, is that the trunking for the whip mounted on the forward end of the aft superstructure? Why does it seen to disappear into the superstructure?. Was all of this perhaps an experiment? If you know the answers to any of these questions, please contact:  Jerry Proc, e-mail: jerry.proc(at)sympatico.ca  (DND photo via Pat Cote)

Retrieving a practice torpedo somtime between 1952 to 1954. (Photo by Raymond Harold Walker. From the collection of Kelly Walker)

Above and below: Cayuga in the Panama Canal sometime between 1952 to 1954. (Photos by Raymond Harold Walker. From the collection of Kelly Walker)
218_panama_canal 2.jpg
Cayuga entering harbour at an unknown location. (From the collection of George Carr)

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1) Kelly Walker <kwalker(at)mymts.net>
2   George Carr, )<Georgedcarr(at)aol.com>

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