Circa: 1944
Comment: A variant of  the SG-41 known as the SG-41Z, was produced for the Luftwaffe to encode weather reports.  There were 550 units built.
This is the SG-41Z, the version which was used by the Luftwaffe's Weather Service to encode weather reports hence the reason for only 10 numeric keys. Information on the German Weather code can be located elsewhere .  (Photo by Klaus Kopacz) 

Closer view of the SG-41Z . (Photo by Klaus Kopacz) 

This example of the SG-41Z is held by the National Cryptologic Museum. (Photo by David Hamer , NCM Foundation)
sg41Z_02 rotor.jpg
SG-41Z rotor detail. (Image via E-bay) 
SG-41Z with cover off. Click on image to enlarge. (Image via E-bay)

Nameplate detail from the NCM's SG-41Z. (Photo by David Hamer , NCM Foundation)

In the photos above and below , this is how the SG-41Z looks after it has been pickled in the ocean for 60+ years! The details of this salvage are not available at this time.  (E-bay photos)

The tape spools sit under the keyboard and pull out simultaneously. (E-bay photo)

Credits and References:

1)  Klaus Schmeh
2)  Klaus Kopacz  <ibk_mail(at)>

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Jan 18/22