BID 1000

Photo by Henrik Teller. Click to enlarge.
The BID 1000 was used by the 2nd Danish Signal Battalion who served HQ LANDJUT in the field, and the 6th to provide an interface from NICS TARE to a Danish similar system called FIKS (Forsvarets Integrerede Kommunikations System = Armed Forces Integrated  Communications System).
It was also in use on NATO circuits in Belgium at least in some point between 1998 and 2000.
One source refers to the device as "British multikey high speed data encryption and he took a course on it in April/May 1984.
bid1000_in commvan.jpg
BID 1000 installation (lower right) in a teletype van from the Danish 2. (DA) Signal Battalion

On the left are two teletype positions with a KW-7 and Lorenz LO-133 teletypes. On the right, counting from the back  are four teletype positions with KW-7 and Lorenz LO-133 teletypes and one teletype position with BID 1000 and Siemens T-1000Z teleprinter.

The latter was used to provide access from HQ LANDJUT mobile war headquarter to a Danish system working in the same manner as NICS TARE, known as FIKS. This batallion had two 2 identical vans - one for each war headquarters - Main and Rear. (Photo courtesy Royal Signals Historical Collection, Fredericia Denmark)

Contributors and References:

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