BID/2200 is an Embedded Cryptographic Module, developed by Ultra Electronics in Greenford (UK) and approved for UK military use by the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) of GCHQ, and also by NATO for messages up to the level of COSMIC TOP SECRET. It is used at the heart of the Ultra's KG-40AR Link 11 encryptor, a drop-in replacement for the American KG-40A.
BID/2200 is also used at the heart of Ultra's Multi Link Processor (MLP), a link encryption device, used from 1999 onwards by the Royal Navy, on which the KG-40AR is based. It combines Link 11, Link 22, Link 16 and IDM/VMF tactical data link capabilities, within a single space-efficient, line replaceable unit [3].

BID/2200 consists of a fully programmable cryptographic core that is compatible with existing cryptographic algorithms and protocols, but can also be programmed with new emerging algorithms, protocol and standards in the future.

BID2200 (Courtesy Ultra Electronics)  

1) Crypto Museum

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Mar 3/15