BID/980 was a bulk encryption device, manufactured around 1983 by Cossor Electronics Ltd. (now: Raytheon) in Harlow (Essex, UK), for the British Ministry of Defence. They were used by all three services of the British Army and were suitable for the secure transmission of data via land-lines and radio. The device is also known by its codename LAKIN.
BID/980 was used on main communication trunks and allowed data to be transmitted at speeds ranging from 32 kbps to 2.048 Mbps, in both auto-key and synchronous modes.

The device was approved by SECAN for use by NATO and features a HAIRPIN Key Generator making it compatible with NATO's standard Trunk Encryption Device (TED): the KG-81. Key variables were loaded into the device by means of an 8-level punched paper tape that had to be pulled through the tape reader at the front.

BID 980 (Photo courtesy ) 
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Mar 27/14