CX-EPX-1 by Hagelin

This was a developmental machine marked ‘CX' and 'EXP 1’ and made by AB Cryptoteknik of Stockholm, Sweeden. This machine lacks the letter ring of the C-52’s/CX-52’s and makes it a machine that sits between the M209/C38 / C443 / C446 and the later C52/CX52 machines - its not quite like any other.

To the right is a standard handle to crank the machine into action. On the left are paper-advance and counter knobs, the cipher and decipher selector switch and another selector for standard or ‘fully-incremental’ encipherment.

Inside, the pinwheels (rotors) are all-metal versions. The cage has clips placed at every possible location - likely as test setup.

Photo and copy courtesy John Alexander, G7GCK Leicester, England. E-mail: See Museum Info section.

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Nov 23/03