FS-5000 SPY RADIO (Harpoon)
This is a "stay behind" radio with a crypto component to it. Nearly all of them are missing  the control unit with crypto (DSU). Such is the case for the example below.

The frequency coverage is 500 KHz to 30MHz on receive and 2MHz to 30MHz on transmit at an output power of 25 watts. It was designed in the  late 1980ís by Telefunken for use by different NATO partners.The system was designed for short code burst messages that can be pre-programmed in the DSU control unit and transmitted at a preset time.
A small batch of these radios was released in 2005 via Fair Radio in the USA but without the control units.

For an excellent description of the FS-5000 and more photos, please visit the Cryptomuseum web page. The name of the complete system was SY-5000.

The DSU plugs into this corner.
Each radio came with a tool set such as this.
Photos courtesy Warren Brader, Director Combat Communications and Surveillance Museum.

Contributors and Credits:

1) Paul Reuvers   Crypto Museum  http://http://www.cryptomuseum.com/
2) The Combat Communications and Surveillance Museum no longer exists.

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May 21/12