GRETACODER 805 Cipher System
Boris Hagelin of Sweden (and later Switzerland) was not the only producer of cipher machines and devices in Switzerland. Dr Edgar Gretener also owned a company producing cipher equipment on a commercial basis. In fact, Dr Gretener and Boris Hagelin co-operated in a number of projects.
The 805 was an off-line cipher device made by Gretag Ltd., Regensdorf, Switzerland. This example appears to be fitted with all the options.  (Photo courtesy Janes Military Communications)

* It employed a micoprocessor-based crypto unit with a 4,000 character plain text memory.
* Column printer which prints on 60 mm wide paper.
* Thermal page printer for hardcopy on 210 mm wide paper.
* Built in acoustic modem for transmission over voice lines using V.21 protocol.
* V.24 interface for external terminals or modems.
* Interface for cassette tape recorder.
* Paper tape reader and punch included.
* Packaged in a Samsonite luggage type case (with locks) or in a military style case.
* The 805 product is completely compatible the Gretacoder 505/SP300 GCA teleprinter cipher system
   and with the Gretacoder 905 pocket cipher device.

This 805 is powered from commercial mains only.

This appears to be the basic, portable version of the 805. (Photo courtesy of  John Alexander, G7GCK, Leicestershire United Kingdom.)

References and Credits:

1) John Alexander
2) Janes Military Communications  - 1985

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