GSM Crypto Phone

This mobile telephone,  which offers a very high level of encryption,  uses a special cryptographic module developed by an Israeli company. This level of protection is made possible by a combination of an asymmetric algorithm using an encryption key of 1024 bits which chooses the "code" and with a symmetric algorithm of 128 bits with which the conversation is encrypted. The GSM device operates in 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz frequency ranges.

An encrypted conversation starts by enabling the "Crypto" function via the Shortcuts key (softkey). Once the destination number is dialed, the phones take about 15 seconds to exchange the encryption key with the other end. Encrypted conversations can be terminated at  any time by pressing the "End" key. Once the conversation has ended, the phone erases the encryption key which is an additional security feature. When not using the encryption feature, Crypto GSM works as a normal mobile phone.

Externally, the unit is identical to the Siemens S35i product.

Weight: 99 grams
Dimensions: 118-46-21 mm.
Memory: It has phone book capacity 100 names
Power: Li-ion battery

Source: E-bay while the device was being auctioned.

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Feb 13/02