H-4605 (Crypto AG)

The Crypto AG H4605 was designed as an off-line, keyboard operated cipher machine with twin printing (of cipher and plain text) system with automatic 5-letter grouping. It's a solid piece of equipment, almost 'battleship grade’.

The lowest photo shows the machine with the logic cage cover removed.


DIMENSIONS  (Machine Only) Width: 355 mm (14 in)
Depth: 296 mm (11.7 in)
Height: 163 mm (6.4 in)
DIMENSIONS (Carrying Case Only)  Width: 400 mm (16 in)
Depth: 370 mm (14.5 in )
Height: 220 mm (8.7 in)
WEIGHT  Machine Only: 11.5 kg (25 lb) 
Machine with Case 16 kg (35 lb)
POWER 110/220 VAC 50 Hz; 130 VA consumption
WORKING PRINCIPLE  Substitution cipher
KEY GENERATOR Fully electronic system with 5 intermeshed shift registers and memory.
KEY PERIODS Approximately 1040 steps
BASIC KEY SETTINGS Approximately 1036 variables
MESSAGE KEY SETTINGS Approximately 107 variations
TOTAL SETTINGS Approximately 1042 different settings
OPERATION All operations are controlled by push buttons. No operating of the machine is required.
KEY SETTINGS By means of push button operation.
KEYBOARD 26 Latin characters
SPEED OF OPERATION Approximately 7.5 letters per second

Photos and copy courtesy John Alexander, G7GCK Leicester, England. E-mail: See Museum Info section.

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Feb 23/02