HC-570 by Crypto AG/Hagelin

General view.
Internal view from the front.
Bird's eye view. 
Right hand corner details.
All photos in this table via E-bay.

Operating key detail  (E-bay photo) 
The Cryptomatic® HC-570 is an off-line ciphering terminal which provides a high level of cryptographic security and a  fast processing speed.

Operation of the HC-570 has been greatly facilitated through the introduction of a microprocessor which also guides the operator. Not only is this a text ciphering unit but can also be used to transmit ciphered text over a telephone network through an optional acoustic coupler.


* 32 position travelling-type display.
* Uses thermal paper.
* integrated tape punch/reader.

Character speeds : ?
Carrying case Size: 58 cm Wide x 56 cm Deep x 25 cm High
Weight : Very heavy.

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Mar 17/08