TSEC/ HW-5 Synchronizer

This was a short term message synchronizer for use with non-synchronous on-line teletype security equipment, such as AFSM 9 and one-time tape equipments. It was originally released as HW-5(D) and AFSZ D7305.

The quantities shown below were  issued to the following services for service trails as authorized in a former SECRET document dated June 15, 1955.

US Army - 10
USN - 6
USAF - None. The Air Force had no requirement for this machine.
NSA -  8  ( Four were slated for service trials in the UK)

Unit cost in 1955 - $ 700

Does anyone have more info on this device?


Contributors and Credits:

1)  https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/_files/friedmanDocuments/ReportsandResearchNotes/


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Sept 19/15