On-line or Off-line Mixer 60-100 wpm Teletype circuits. - Mixes a plain text input stream with a One-Time Key Tape.
Replaces AN/FGQ-1, SSM-33, HW-18.
Used with HW  -10 (or earlier)
Circa: 1961
Originally designated was HW-19(D)  AFSAZ D7319
The quantities shown below were  issued to the following services for service trails as authorized in a former SECRET document dated June 15, 1955.

US Army - 6
USN - 10
USAF - 4
NSA -  4

Unit cost in 1955 - $ 700

Click here for HW-19 data sheet.

HW-19 (NSA image).

The HW-10 is a Teletype Distributor for use with the HW-19 mixer. Click here for the HW-10  data sheet. (Courtesy NCM) 


Credits and References :

1) Nick England [navy.radio(at)gmail.com]
2)  https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/_files/friedmanDocuments/ReportsandResearchNotes/

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