ID-866 Status Indicator Box

The ID-866 was a red/black indicator lamp assembly. On USN ships these were installed on teletype gear where there is an SA-734 switch to connect the teletype to the UNCLASSIFIED or CLASSIFIED patch panel. The SA-734 switch has a connector for the ID-866. Each lampholder holds a, small, screw-in lamp. Both lamps are wired to the secondary output of a stepdown transformer within the enclosure. The primary of the transformer is  fused.

ID-866 front view.
ID-866 side view.
Both photos via E-bay

Contributors and Credits:

1) Nick England <>
2) Extract from "Index of Teletypewriter, Facsimile, and Associated Equipment"  Navelex 0967-LP-104-0010 - 1977

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Aug 12/13