KAL-55B Authenticator

This is a Tactical Authentication system used during the Vietnam war era. Doug Neil used the KAL-55B as a forward observer with the 196 LIB in Vietnam.  He recalls "it was called it a KAK wheel and was  used to call in artillery registration coordinates when not in a contact fire mission.  There was a page that told us what cipher to use each day.  Every day was different".
KAL-55B photo by Ralph Simpson
This is one page from the KAL-55B operating manual . (Photo by Ryan Somma)


1) Ralph Simpson <ralphenator(at)gmail.com>
2)  Ryan Somma  Flickr Photostream     http://www.flickr.com/photos/ideonexus/5176402044/
3) Doug Neil <dneil196(at)gmail.com>

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June 21/15