KAL-61 Authenticator

Front view of KAL-61 authenticator sheet for Day 08.. Front view. (Photo courtesy John Alexander G7GCK) 
Rear view of KAL-61 authenticator sheet . (Photo courtesy John Alexander G7GCK) 

This device was used to authenticate non-secure communications in the US military. An example of this could include calling for artillery fire. This requires authentication to prevent the enemy from using our guns to fire on ourselves and for encrypting messages.  There are eight ways to authenticate and eight ways to set message groups.

The KAL-61 system was also used by NATO forces in Europe. In Denmark, it was used to communicate with  German sister-battalions and LANDJUT HQ.

This is the first page of NAO 3A - the  operating instructions for V type cipher tables for use with KAL 61/62.  The instruction book is rarer than the device itself. (Photo via E-bay)


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Feb 6/14