The model number of this machine is derived from the words "Krypto-Funk-Fernschreiber" It was made by GRETAG AG for the Swiss Army. The man behind this development was Dr. Gretener, the owner of GRETAG AG. As the model number suggests, it was made in 1958 and it was taken out of service and declassified in 1995. The KFF 58 incorporates a teletypewriter with a "14-element script" and an adapted crypto element.

Other machines in this series was the previous model, the TC-53 and the successor model KFF-61. Similar machines made by GRETAG are the ETK-47, ETK-50 and T-55.

KFF-58 prototype
Sample page from  manual.
Manual cover and production machine.
All photos in this table courtesy John Alexander
kff58_03s.jpg A high res version of the  image is available by clicking on the picture. The dial at the left is called Schluessel-Produktions-Geraet (SPG) and was a key production device. For a more complete description of the dial please refer to the TC-53 document.

(Photo from the collection of Walter Schmid HB9AIV)

Above and below: This KFF-58 example, held by the Military Museum in Vienna Austria does not have the Schluessel-Produktions-Geraet (SPG) option. (Photographer unknown) 

Contributors and Credits:

1) John Alexander <jalex_uk(at)ntlworld.com>
2) Walter Schmid <hb9aiv(at)swissonline.ch>
3) Frode Weierud <Frode.Weierud(at)cern.ch>

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Jan 11/08