KG-75 (Fastlane) ATM Encryptor

The FASTLANE ® (KG-75) encryptor provides high-speed, transparent, low-latency security services for multimedia applications across both local and wide area asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks. FASTLANE provides an effective solution because of its ability to take advantage of ATM's bandwidth-on-demand services. FASTLANE supports a variety of communication modes  (i.e., voice, video, data, and imagery) with flexibility and robust key management. It provides authentication plus end-to-end protection of user information at all levels up to TOP SECRET/sensitive compartmented information (SCI). The encryptor supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint (multicast) communications, switched and permanent virtual circuits, simplex and duplex communications.

Support includes up to 4,094 simultaneous, cryptographically isolated ATM connections. The FASTLANE encryptors may be nested, allowing for the creation of cryptographically isolated networks to operate at different security levels. FASTLANE may support an individual user, a multi-user computer based group or a Local Area Network. Rekeying can be accomplished either electronically or through traditional means.

For each connection, FASTLANE dynamically generates the traffic keys. This approach, isolating the connections and using different keys for each connection, gives you greater security than a bulk encryptor's single key for all connections. During those phases when the FASTLANE is not operational the user crypto-ignition key (CIK) can be removed. With the key removed, FASTLANE reverts to an unclassified/ CCI (controlled COMSEC item).


A FASTLANE may support an individual user or can be shared by a local area network (LAN) or multi-user computer based group. FASTLANE is rekeyed using the AN/CYZ-10. FASTLANEs are interoperable with KG-175 (TACLANE) in the ATM mode. FASTLANE Release 1 is classified SECRET when unkeyed. FASTLANE Releases 2 and 3 are UNCLASSIFIED CCI when unkeyed. When the FASTLANE is keyed, its classification equals that of the key installed.


All FASTLANE Release 1 and Release 2 units should be upgraded to Release 3.0. Release 3 units
and Release 3 upgrade kits are year 2000 compliant and are delivering at this time. FASTLANE
upgrades are still available and users should contact NSA or INE Coordinator for information. NSA
will not support FASTLANE Release 1.0 and 2.0 after this calendar year.


Height (in)  - 3.5
Width (in)  - 3.5
Depth (in) -  17.5
Weight (lb)  - 35
Data Rate:   DS-1 (1.544 Mbps), DS-3 (45 Mbps), OC-3 (155 Mbps), OC-12 (622 Mbps)
                      Note: Higher data rates (OC-48) should be available starting in 2001.

Power:   110/220 Vac, 75W
Environment:   10ºC to 30ºC, Fixed Plant, Ground Benign
Battery:   Lithium -  Saft 3.6 V
MTBF:   10,000+ hours (25ºC, ground benign, Bellcore model not MIL-SPEC)

Release 3 became available in May 1999. Release 3.1 is scheduled for middle 2001. Normally, the
FASTLANE is procured with an OC-3 interface equipped for Multimode Fiber optic cable; however,
FASTLANE data rates may be modified with the purchase of a replacement line card kit. The Navy
centrally procures INEs, and requests validated by CNO N643 result in issue without cost to the

National Security Agency (NSA) contracting agent (prices as of Jan  2001)

KG-75 (FASTLANE)       DS-1       DS-3    OC-3(SM)   OC-3(MM)
Single Interface Only $29,223   $29,463   $29,088    $29,928

Source: US Navy COMSEC web page.

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Mar 24/01