KG-777 Space/Ground Encryption System

The KG-777 is a 4 Gbps, NSA certified, Type 1 space and ground cryptographic system.  The system includes the L-3 Cincinnati Electronics KGT-777 Aerospace Vehicle Equipment (AVE) and the SafeNet KGR-777 Ground Operating Equipment (GOE).

The KG-777 provides a comprehensive, integrated, high-speed, Type-1 data encryption solution that meets the increasing demands for spacecraft downlink mission data bandwidth. It features dual-channel capability for data encryption in the range of 10 Mbps to 2 Gbps per channel for an aggregate data rate of up to 4 Gbps. In addition, both channels are fully independent and provide A-side/B-side inputs and outputs on each channel to facilitate external cross-strapping to multiple data sources and mission data transmitters.

The Photoplay algorithm is implemented within the KGT-777 using the NSA certified Photoplay ASIC. Up to 128 mission keys per channel are selectable via the serial command interface. The KGT-777 contains an integrated +28 V prime power supply designed to operate from a typical spacecraft power bus. The unit is designed for a 10 year mission life with >500,000 hours MTTF. Raytheon is a source for the KG-777.

KG-777 image courtesy Raytheon



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July 5/13