The KG-84C Telegraphy Encryption unit is a lightweight, low power equipment for encryption or decryption of TTY and DATA Traffic on dedicated links between various types of I/O devices and the KG-84/KG-84A via a variety of modems. It enables the user to transmit secure data via standard telegraphic equipment over existing data lines. The KG-84C is designed to be portable for use in tactical, mobile and protected locations, at all levels of command including vehicles, ships, aircraft, and fixed plant environments. It has been fully qualified for severe environmental use. It can be rack-mounted and has the same external housing and connectors as the KG-84A. However, it is not a direct replacement. It can be operated by local control at the front panel or remotely controlled.

For additional information, please refer to the KG-84/84A document in this web page.

kg84c1.jpg kg84c2.jpg
Front and rear views of the KG-84C. (USN Photo)
KG-84C with front panel cover in the closed position. (Photo courtesy  Snyders Treasures)
KG-84C with front panel cover dropped. The placard explains the switch settings. (Photo courtesy  Snyders Treasures)

KG-84C rear view - enlarged. (Photo courtesy of APlus Surplus)

kg84c_battery_ compartment.jpg
This view shows the KG-84C battery compartment.  (Photo courtesy of APlus Surplus)

KG-84C - Interior view.  (Photo via E-bay)


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Jun 20/05