Manufactured by Electrospace Systems, Inc., this Remote Control Unit (RCU) was designed for use with the KG-84 family of cryptographic equipment. The RCU provides the capability to remotely operate the front panel controls and indicator status displays of the installed KG- 84 equipment for distances up to 1,000 feet. Units of this type are were commonly utilized aboard ships and aircraft where console space was at a premium. Dimensions are: 7.75" by 6.75" by 5.0"

KG 84 RCU's came in two variants:


RED FILL DEVICE           p/n 83 14001-001


BLACK FILL DEVICE     p/n 83 14002-001

[Description and photos supplied by <> while these units were up for auction on]

KG-84 RCU nampleplates. (Photo via E-bay)

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