The KUTA family includes the KG-66/66A and KGR-66 devices and NOBLEMAN refers to the KGV-68. These devices, along with the KGR-68 and KGV-68B, are used to secure weapon systems, aircraft telemetry, and data link encryption applications at test ranges. Additionally, with prior National Security Agency (NSA) approval, KUTA/NOBLEMAN units can be used for remotely staffed and unstaffed, high-risk, data link encryption applications on a case-by-case basis.

The KUTA/NOBLEMAN family is interoperable with the KG-67, KG-135, and SO-66 (Mode B only),and accepts key via the AN/CYZ-10, KOI-18, KYK-13, or KYX-15A. It is certified to encrypt/decrypt up to SECRET; however, two devices can be used in an upgrade configuration to achieve a higherlevel of classification. KUTA/NOBLEMAN units are UNCLASSIFIED controlled cryptographic item(CCI) when unkeyed. When keyed, their classification equals that of the key installed.

Specifically, the  KGR-68 is a ground-based fixed-plant decryptor for weapons system testing and telemetry decryption. The KGR-68 can decrypt data at rates up to 10 Mbps. It accepts standard paper tape key via a KOI-18 or KYK-13. The KGR-68 will retain key for at least 30 seconds during power interruptions. This device is used as telemetry decryption in weapons testing. It is approved for use at all classification levels.


Physical Characteristics
Height: (in) - 3.5
Width: (in) - 19.0
Depth: (in) - 9.0
Weight - 15.00 lb

Data Rate:10 Kbps to 10 Mbps

Manufacturer:  1) L-3 Communications
                          2) Microcom: KGR-68 and KGR-68B

Unit Price:

KGR-68 - No Longer Produced (sufficient inventory)
KGR-68B - $8,984 - $9,983 (depends on quantity)

1) US Navy COMSEC web page.
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Mar 25/01