The KGR-96 is a receive-only, digital data decryptor that provides security for the Tactical Receive Equipment (TRE) (AN/USQ-101 [V]), which is used to copy the Tactical Data Information Exchange System (TADIXS)-Bravo and the TRE and (TRAP) Data Dissemination System (TDDS) broadcast on fleet flagships and major combatants. The KGR-96 can be controlled and monitored either locally, using front panel controls and indicators, or remotely, using signals that are input and output on rear panel connectors. Additionally, the KGR-96 features include local or remote key filling, power transient protection, and self-test. It is interoperable with the KG-46 and the KGT/R-62.

The KGR-96 requires two different keys, unique to each piece of equipment, for input by the user before processing traffic. Keying/rekeying is accomplished through the front panel fill connection or remotely through the rear panel connector (only one key may be remotely refilled). The rectangular shaped KGR-96 is designed for mounting in an MT-4841/U, which can mount two KGR-96s. The equipment is deployed on major naval shore stations, major naval surface ships, and submarines; is certified to receive up to TOP SECRET level traffic; and when unkeyed is classified SECRET No Foreign Nationals.

KGR-96 drawing courtesy of U.S.N.


Physical Characteristics
Height (in) - 7.62
Width (in) - 6.75
Depth (in) - 12.60
Weight (lb) - 22.5
Data rate:   Decrypts synchronous serial data at any rate between 1 Kbps and 10 Mbps.

Manufacturer: Motorola (under National Security Agency contract numbers MDA
                         904-82-C-0440 and MDA 904-84-C-8023)

Unit Price:  No longer produced.

Source: US Navy COMSEC web page.

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Jan 12, 01