KIV-19 (Walburn)

KIV-19 is a miniaturized KG-194 that is functionally equivalent and interoperable with the KG-194 and KG-194A but utilizes different physical connectors. The KIV-19 is not intended to replace the KG-194 and KG-194A but to fill new requirements and unique backfit requirements that have strict size and weight constraints.

This device operates in traditional mode over full duplex, half duplex, or simplex broadcast channels. In FIREFLY mode, it operates only over full duplex channels. The KIV-19 supports data transfer rates from 9.6 Kbps to 13 Mbps and also operates in tactical satellite terminals and conditions where weight is a consideration.

The KIV-19 is certified to secure all classification levels and categories. It is an UNCLASSIFIED controlled cryptographic item (CCI) when unkeyed. When keyed, the equipment carries a classification equal to that of the key installed.

KIV-19 image courtesy  Sypris Electronics.

The newer KIV-19A offers users the ability to locally reconfigure the internal strapping options from the front control panel, a feature not found in the original KIV-19. It is functionally and plug-in compatible with the original KIV-19 and the KG-194/194A.  In the traditional operating mode it is also fully interoperable with the KG-81 and KG-95 within their common operational data rates.


Height (in) - 1.7
Width (in) -  5.9
Depth (in) - 11.5
Weight (lb)  - 4.5

Data Rate:  9.6 Kbps to 13 Mbps

Power: 28 Vdc Nominal, 30 W (maximum)
Environment: Tested to MIL-STD-810D environmental requirements
MTBF: 10,000 hours at + 25°C

Former manufacturer: Group Technologies Corporation
Current manufacturer: Sypris Electronics, Tampa Florida

Unit price:   KIV-19 $7,200 (March 2005)

Accessory rack which can be used to mount a pair of KIV19's or KG-194's. (Photo courtesy  Sypris Electronics)

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3) Sypris Electronics, Tampa Florida
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April 23/05