The KIV-6 Cryptographic Computer is a component of the Combined Interrogator Transponder (CIT) Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), Mark (MK) XII AN/APX-111(V) and AN/APX-113 IFF, which is installed on the F/A-18, F/A-16, and SH-60 helicopters. The Commander in Chief (CINC) rules of engagement specify that positive identification of an airborne target is required before employing air-to-air weapons beyond visual range. The CIT/IFF with KIV-6 Computer provides the capability to positively identify an aircraft as friend or foe and to utilize air-to-air missiles beyond the pilotís visual range. The intent of CIT/IFF program was to select a Non-Developmental Item (NDI) with minor modifications incorporated to perform specific Department of the Navy (DON) requirements.

The Receiver/Transmitter (R/T) Radio is a CIT/IFF system that is composed of the following: Interrogator Transponder (IT), Fuselage-Mounted Antenna Array (FMA), Beam Forming Network (BFN), and associated contractor furnished equipment (CFE) interconnect cabling. The IT can generate interrogations and process transponder replies in IFF modes 1, 2, 3/A, C, and 4. The FMA is used to support interrogator function and is composed of five identical blades and an antenna position control. The BFN accepts commands from the IT and routes radio frequencies to the five antenna outputs.

The KIV-6 performs Mode 4 encryption and decryption functions contained in the CIT/IFF. The encryption/decryption keys are electronically loaded through a connector located on the front panel, at connector J1 which accepts the AN/CYZ-10 DTD, operating in the DS-102 mode. Fault detection/isolation of a failed KIV-6 is determined by the CITís Built-In Test (BIT). The KIV-6 ensures secure Mode 4 transponder/interrogator performance, as it applies to the AN/APX-111 for the F/A-18, or the AN/APX-113 IFF system for the F-16, and the helicopters.

KIV-6 photo courtesy of U.S.N.


Physical Characteristic
Height (in) - 3.40
Width (in) - 2.05
Depth (in) - 4.68
Weight (lb) - 2.00
Data Rate (Kbps) -  N/A

Power Consumption:  3 W maximum


 Operating Temperature from -54° C to 71° C
 Non-operating Temperature from -65° C to 160° C
 Sea level to 30,000 foot (operating and non-operating) altitude

MTBF:   51,000 hours

Manufacturer: BAE Systems (formerly GEC - Marconi Hazeltine)

Current Unit Price:  $14,000  (Jan, 2001)

Source: US Navy COMSEC web page.

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Jan 12, 01