KO-5 (Cyclops)
KO-5 was a shore based device located at major communications centers. Initially, it  was built for the US Army in the early 1950's to encrypt facsimile on point to point circuits. Later it was adapted to encrypt 16 channels of 100 WPM teletype circuits simultaneously.  It was a FDX, tube type machine about 20 feet long, using magnetic core memory, pre-punched paper key tape to load the key, and Morse code communications for starting and synchronizing. KO-5 was commonly referred to as "The Horse" by US Navy personnel.

The complete terminal consists of  three KG-7 Key Generators  and a H~5 Control Console. Two KG-7s are utilized for transmitting (ie one for Key and another for Check Key) while one KG-7 is utilized for receiving. It's 16 teletype channels were multiplexed with the aid of an FGC-60 tone converter.

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KO-5 terminal (Image courtesy National Cryptologic Museum) 
Unit cost: $89,100
Quantity produced:  58
Circa: 1962
Training: Nine weeks at Mare Island
72 in.
(each bay)
31.375 in.
(each bay
24.75 in.
(each bay)
625 lbs
(each bay) 
115 VAC 4480 watts

Contributors and Credits:

1) Art Richie
2) Nick England <navy.radio@gmail.com>
3) National Cryptologic Museum PDF file on KO-5

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Jan 28/15