Kryha Standard (Mechanical)
Three views of a Kryha Standard mechanical machine.  The top photo has the backing plate in place. It has been removed in the middle photo. The bottom view shows the mechanics with the wheel removed. (Photos in this table by José Ramón Soler Fuensanta)
The Kryha cryptograph first appeared in 1924 and was developed by Alexander von Kryha. This machine was insecure even in 1924, but exceptional marketing promoted the Kryha machine for use
by the diplomatic and banking sectors in many countries.

There were three models:

* The Standard
* The Pocket version named "Lilliput"
* Kryha Electric.

In 1933 Friedman, Kullback and Rowlett deciphered an 1135 character cryptogram from a standard Kryha in 2 hours and 41 minutes. It managed to survive until the 1950's.

E-bay photo

E-bay photo

Contributors and Credits:

1)  José Ramón Soler Fuensanta <j.ramon.solerf(at)gmail.coms>

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