The ANDVT AIRTERM (KY-100) is a narrowband/wideband terminal that interoperates with TACTERM (CV-3591/KYV-5), MINTERM (KY-99A), VINSON (KY-57, KY-58) and SINCGARS. A self-contained terminal including COMSEC, KY-100 provides for secure voice and data communications in tactical airborne/ground environments. It is an integral part of the U.S Joint Services and Federal Law Enforcement Agency networks, and provides half-duplex,  narrowband and wideband communications. Flexible interfaces ensure compatibility with a wide range of voice, data, radio and satellite equipment. The KY-100 is based on the KY-99A architecture with enhanced interface capability.  It includes KY-99A's operational modes, KY-58's operational modes, and unique features such as:

*  User-defined presets (permits user to pre-store different interface and terminal configurations) .
* A radio port with configurable levels/impedances.
*  Emergency back-up mode.
*  Separate audio handset/intercom data port (rear panel) with configurable levels/impedances.
* NVIS-compatible front panel and display.

The KY-100 is backward-compatible with the VINSON KY-58, including the same connectors and pinouts for the wideband operational modes.

First introduced in the 1990's, the KY-100 is still in service in 2012.  (Photo courtesy of ITT Industries)

As in MINTERM, the voice processor provides high-quality voice at 2.4 kbps using the DoD standard LPC-10e for narrowband voice modes. AIRTERM also provides CVSD at 16 kbps and 12 kbps for wideband voice modes.

ITT Industries is authorized to sell terminals and remote control units directly to prime contractors and US Government agencies, and to quote price and delivery directly to approved foreign procuring activities under NSA's Authorized Vendor Program.

Source: ITT Industries web page. .

Note: PArt of ITT became ITT Exelis in October 2011. This document is no longer available on line.

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Apr 1/12