KY-189 Secure Intelligent Handset

The NAPCO KY-189 is a self-contained high-level speech security device built to military specification as a rugged, submersible handset. Its design enables connection directly to the U.S. Army's current AN/PRC-77 and AN/VRC-12 series of radios as well as the PRC-1077, GRC-160, VRC-64 and other VHF/UHF FM radio equipment.

The KY-189's scrambling circuit employs a micro-processor controlled, pseudo random rolling code, combined with random timing, audio frequency shift and synchronization.  The encryption algorithm provides over 100 million user programmable security codes, and a pseudo random code generator which will not repeat itself in 84109 years of continuous operation! Every time the PTT (Push-to-Talk) is pressed the scrambler code changes to a new pseudo random code sequence for higher security.

Every KY-189 system (Network) user is assigned his own unique Master Code Key to prevent system access by others, and a universal key is also provided for joint operations. Because NAPCO's scrambler is an unique device it can be integrated into existing radio networks using standard repeaters without reducing the radio's operating range.

Other standard features accessed through the KY-189 fifteen character  keypad include:

* ANI (Automatic Number Identification) Status and Location Report
* All Station Emergency Alert Tone
* Programmable Time-out-Timer Selective Call.

Also available as part of NAPCO's tactical security system is a base station control terminal which
centralizes all system command and control terminal which centralizes all system command and control functions.  If the field units are equipped with the ANI feature, a signal is sent to the base station control terminal, each time a radio in the field transmits.

Photo courtesy NAPCO

The ANI signal positively identifies the unit to the controller.  The unit identity, time and the date of transmission is automatically displayed and printed by the terminal. The terminals constantly display the last 32 calls, which can be scrolled up or down for review or stored for later analysis by automatic logging equipment.

Any KY-189 on the network or the base station may selectively call any individual KY-189 equipped radio or group of radios by entering the desired call sign or a 3 digit number assigned to a particular group.  Selective Call can be programmed to operate several ways depending on the preferred method of operation.  In typical military applications, these include the transmission of an alert tone to the desired station, without suppressing the signal received by other units on the radio network.

Flashing LED's provide indication of calls and status of secure or nonsecure transmissions.  Use of the KY-189 Selective Call feature an improve net discipline and minimize missed calls.

For additional security the Control Terminal can change the code key of all the radios on its network remotely by radio and can selectively call a captured or stolen radio and remotely destroy its memory so that the captured KY-189 becomes inoperative.

All of the KY-189's features are user friendly.  Positive visual indication is provided for the clear and secure modes.  Map references, code words and status reports can be transmitted to the base station silently and securely, and radio checks can be performed without speech.

The KY-189 Secure Intelligent Handset is another member of NAPCO's growing family of force multipliers, available from the Defense Electronics Division, such as High Efficiency Solar Panels and Long-Life Batteries.  These are designed to extend the operating life, by upgrading today's radio products to economically meet the challenge of increasing defense costs.


Dimensions: 5 cm W x 19 cm L (2" W x 8.5" L)
Weight: 346 g (12 oz.)
Immersion: 1 metre for 2 hours (or 3 feet for 2 hours)
Operating Temperature: -30º  to +50º Celsius

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Feb 12/06