KY-58 (Vinson)

The KY-57/58 is a member of the VINSON family. The VINSON family consists of wideband secure voice (WBSV) units developed by the National Security Agency to provide line of sight half-duplex voice and data encryption at 16 Kbps. The KY-57/58 provides security for AM/FM, VHF, UHF, half-duplex PTT combat net radios and tactical wireline systems when used with the HYX-57. Also used by non-tactical users for high-level communications in the local wideband telephone networks and wideband satellite terminals. The KY-57 is the manpack/vehicular model and the KY-58 is the airborne/shipborne version. The KY-57/58 is certified to pass data up to TOP SECRET and accepts key from the family of Common Fill Devices and also incorporates remote keying. KY-57/58 production was completed in 1993. No further production is planned.
 KY-58 photo by Tim Tyler
Tim Tyler comments."The photo above depicts the KY-58 unit inside a USCG HH-65C 'Dolphin' helicopter taken in September 2008. It is currently configured just for use on their 225-400MHz aircraft band radio. Supposedly, they're in the process of upgrading the HH-65 helos into an MH-65 (Special Ops capable) configuration which will have APCO P-25 compliant radios (with AES crypto, for talking to other DHS agencies) as well as ANDVT / KY-100 type crypto for communicating with the military-side of USCG ops".
The photo above depicts a  KY-58 RCU installation in an A-10 attack aircraft. A remote control unit (RCU) was mounted in the cockpit thus allowing the pilot to remotely switch and control the KY-58 which was located in another part of the aircraft. (Photo courtesy of

KY-58 controls. (Courtesy 


KY-58 internal view. (Photo via E-bay)
KY-58 rear view. (Photo via E-bay)
Physical Characteristics
Height: 5 in.
Width: 5 in.
Depth: 4.2 in.
Weight: 4.9 lbs.

Data Rate: 16Kbps

Power: Battery: BA-1590 (Mercury), BA-5590 (Lithium Organic), BA-3590 (Alkaline), or
                            BA-590(Nickel Cadmium).

 Power Input and Consumption: 28 VDC;  9 Watts typical. Max 10.25 Watts.

MTBF: 6,463 hours at 25°C air inhabited and 3,272 hours at 71°C air inhabited. 7,158 hours
             at 25°C Naval, Sheltered and 3,399 hours at 71°C Naval Sheltered.

SUPPORTED BY:  In-Service-Engineering-Agent (ISEA), St. Julian's Creek.


CSESD-14G, July 1984. "Communications Security Equipment System Document for TSEC/KY-57/58". Confidential Document.
CSESD-31A, Dec. 1987. "Communications Security Equipment System Document for HYX-58/TSEC.

Credits and References:

1) Tim Tyler <nightwatch01(at)>

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