KY-585/U Voice Coder

KY-585 with carrying case. It was an unclassified device. (Photo courtesy Ken Sutterfield)

This is an analog to PCM (pulse code modulation) and PCM to analog voice converter which had excellent clarity in its day. It used flat-pack, gold-plated IC chips which did not plug into sockets but were soldered into the boards. Troubleshooting was purely board level replacement and front panel bulb replacement.

The PCM output was usually encrypted by a TSEC/KG-13 and when decrypted at the other end, the PCM output could be fed to either a HY-2/TSEC or another KY-585/TSEC device.

The KY-585 designator can be a bit confusing because it wasn't a crypto device and was unclassified.

Circa: mid 1960's
Manufacturer: Philco

References and Credits:

1)  Ken Sutterfield <kenca387(at)>
2) Doug Eyre <dougeyre(at)>
3) Lloyd Joly <lfjoly(at)>

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Sept 5/13