This is a voice encryption unit that is designed to work on narrowband H.F. radio circuits.  The KYV-2, KY-8, KY-28, KY-38 and KY-57, KY-58 are designed to work in a 25 kHz wide channel on VHF or UHF frequencies where the propagation conditions than those found in the H.F. band.  The PRC-104 is one of the H.F. radios that was used with this box.

KG-65 is manpack portable.
KG-75 is for shipborne and airborne operation.

KY-65 front view.    (E-bay seller's photo) 
Note the red 'X' on the top of the case below the numbers 28111. This spot denotes the most critical crypto area and if the KY-65 was in danger of falling into unauthorized hands, this was the point at which to aim the gun and shoot the  machine.  (E-bay seller's photo) 

The KY-65 uses the Parkhill algorithm, however, if someone talks too fast then the message gets garbled.  This is because the KY-65 output is limited to a narrow (3 kHz) bandwidth  in order to work with HF radios.  A fast talking person will exceed 3 kHz bandwidth.

This KY-65 has a slightly different case finish. (Photo by Ralph Simpson)


2) Ralph Simpson <ralphenator(at)>

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Apr 8/12