The ANDVT MINTERM KY-99A is a low-cost, lightweight, low-power, single channel, half-duplex, narrowband/wideband/wireline terminal providing secure voice and data communications with full key distribution and remote rekey capabilities. The KY-99A is interoperable with ANDVT AIRTERM KY-100, ANDVT TACTERM AN/USC-43 (include KYV-5), VINSON KY-57/KY-58, DSVT KY-68, and SINCGARS equipment.  MINTERM's modular distributed architecture provides independent reprogrammable RED, COMSEC and BLACK processing sites with software-controlled interfaces to meet today's needs and the flexibility to easily upgrade for tomorrow's requirements.

The latest (2001) DoD LPC-10e algorithm (v53) has been enhanced to provide high quality secure narrowband voice at 2.4 kbps from military handsets and to maintain that quality and intelligibility in noisy acoustical environments. MINTERM also provides CVSD at 12 and 16 kbps for secure wideband voice modes.

KY-99 photo courtesy of  ITT Industries.

Secure narrowband data rates (300, 600, 1200, 2400 bps) employ rate-dependent forward error correction. For wideband VINSON modes both analog and digital data at 12 and 16 kbps are provided. Additionally, the SINCGARS Data Rate Adaptor (DRA) function is user-selectable for wideband error control with digital inputs at 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400 and 4800 bps. Multitone HF modems provide 39 tones for voice and 16 tones for data, while a FED-STD-1005 LOS modem accommodates radio and wireline interfaces with an adaptive channel equalizer.

The user interface has been enhanced allowing for concurrent interconnect of audio and digital data when not performing keying operations involving the fill port. The front panel features a user-friendly, menu-driven mode selection/display. The secure lighting compatible display is also used in conjunction with tones to the handset for providing operational and status information. The radio port provides both digital and level-programmable analog (-21 dbm to 0 dbm) interfaces.

Upgrade kits are available to convert KY-99 terminals to the KY-99A configuration.

ITT Industries is authorized to sell terminals and kits directly to prime contractors and US Government agencies, and to quote price and delivery directly to approved foreign procuring activities under NSA's Authorized Vendor Program.

Source: ITT web page (no longer there)

KY-99 to LST-5B UHF Satcom Transceiver cable.
A "sanitized" KY-99.
KY-99 hooked up to LST-5B radio. 
All photos in this table via E-bay 

Another view of the KY-99 but without connector dust covers. (Photo by Ralph Simpson)
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Apr 8/12