KYK-13 Transfer/Keying Device
The KYK-13 is a battery operated, hand or pocket carried transfer and storage device which can store up to six keys. It is used to load and transfer keys to a KYX-15, another KYK-13 or to compatible COMSEC equipment such as the AN/CYZ-10. The KYK-13 can receive keys from a KOI-18, KYX-15 or another KYK-13.
KYK-13. (Graphic courtesy U.S. Army)

Filling the KYX-15. (Graphic courtesy U.S. Army)
This KYK-13 example is on display at the National Cryptologic Museum. (Photo by Ralph Simpson)

Credits and References:

1) TM 11-5810-292-13&P
2) Ralph Simpson <ralphenator(at)>

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Apr 7/12