M-130 Koralle 
The M-130 is an electromechanical rotor-based cipher machine for teletypewriter data. First introduced by the Soviet Union during the Cold War,  it was distributed to all Warsaw Pact counties for the encryption of weather reports. In the case of war, these countries would need to have accurate weather reports and as the existing NATO sources would be unavailable to them. As a result  a Meteorological Services network was created using M-130's.This device used 5 rotors  to encrypt. Each rotor had 30 contacts on either side and four additional mechanical pin wheels that controlled  the irregular stepping of the coding wheels.
M-130 - view of the rotots. (Photo via Bonhams Auction House)
M-130 is circa 1947. This machine is serial number  4120 and its' missing its rotors. The keyboard has the following keys: Numbers 0-9 and the letter "X" , a  minus sign and a return key.
Apparently it is difficult to find these machines  outside the former USSR because most of them had been recalled when the USSR was dissolved.
Dimensions: 9¼in x 17½in x 20in (23.5cm x 44.5cm x 51cm)
All photos in this table via E-bay.
The 1-0 keyboard layout suggests it might fall into the same use category [encrypted weather reporting] as the 10-key variant of the SG-41 and the similarly laid-out keyboard of the rare enigma presented by Arturo Quirantes in: 'Model Z; A Numbers-Only Enigma', Cryptologia XXVIII(2), 2004.


1) Bonhams Auction House

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