Miste II  (AN/CSZ-4A)

The MISTE II (AN/CSZ-4A) is an integrated secure UHF SATCOM package fitted in a standard size briefcase. MISTE (Miniaturised Integrated Satellite Terminal Equipment) provides wideband and narrowband transmission of secure or non-secure voice and secure data communications. It will operate from anywhere in the world and can be fully deployed in a few minutes. The unit accepts any standard AC supply voltage from 90 to 265 V, 44 to 440 Hz. Power adaptors are included for automatic voltage sensing and compensation. Rechargeable 24 V Ni/Cd battery power allows cordless operation. Security is provided by an integral INDICTOR, Vinson/ANDVT interoperable, voice/data encryption device. A protocol converter interface permits data input, output, and encryption via any MS-DOS computer. Fax output can also be accommodated through the interface.The integrated package consists of an HST-4 receiver-transmitter with handset, a PCI-457 protocol converter interface, INDICTOR encryption device, LPC-10-compatible voice coder, collapsible medium-gain antenna with cabling, fill battery, compass, primary power adaptors and battery charger.

 Depicted is an example made by Cincinnati Electronics. It also includes an  antenna.The complete unit is contained in a common 127 × 330 × 483 mm briefcase and, when fully deployed, weighs approximately 14.4 kg.
A closer view of the device's front panel. Click on the photo for a supersize image.
All photos in this table by Ralph Simpson

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1) Ralph Simpson <ralphenator(at)gmail.com>
2) http://articles.janes.com/articles/Janes-Military-Communications/MISTE-II-AN-CSZ-4A-United-States.html

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Apr 13/12