MYK-14 Centurion Ground Unit

The MYK-14 ground unit implements the Centurion commercial algorithm, and is used to safeguard satellite command uplinks. Key features include built-in authentication, Electronic Codebook operation mode, remote control, and interface compatibility with the MYK-15A (Caribou) and MYK-16B (Cardholder) ground units.


* Satellite Ground Station command uplink encryptors with Vehicle Simulator/Echo Loop decryptors
* Command format compatibility with Caribou and Cardholder
* Bypass function in all operational configurations
* RS-422 Binary or Ternary plaintext and ciphertext I/O ports
* RS-232C I/O for configuration control and status and PT I/O
* Key fill interface. Accepts keys on standard floppy diskettes with full key mapping capabilities
* Control input and status available via front panel or computer interface
* Rack-mount design with modern front panel interface
* Built-in self-test, power transient detection, and checkword testing
* Traffic data interface formats—Ternary and Binary


* Data Rate: TTL RS-422 I/O - Up to 1.25 Mbps
* Operating Voltage: 110/220 Vac
* Power: 75 watts maximum
* Weight: 20 lbs.
* Size: 3.5" H x 19" W x 20" D
* Data Interface: TTL I/O or ECL I/O
* PT Data Formats:
* RS-422, Binary (NRZ-L);q Ternary, RS-232-C
* CT Data Formats:
* RS-422, Binary (NRZ-L and NRZ-M);
* Ternary, RS-232-C
* Remote Control: RS-232C or RS-422
* Key Selection: Up to 256 keys
* Key Fill: Via front panel
* MTBF: Greater than 50,000 hours (est.)

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Apr 28/12