MYK-15A Caribou Ground Unit

The MYK-15A is a Caribou satellite ground station encryptor/decryptor with Vehicle Simulator/Echo Loop Decryptor.  It provides uplink security for Type 2 (NSTISSP 12) applications and was introduced in 1997.

MYKA-15, made by Mykotronix, is second-generation equipment used to protect commercial satellite systems. It is the only NSTISSP No,12 compliant ground unit. Click on photo to see supersize image. (Photo by Ralph Simpson)

* Satellite ground station command uplink encryptor with vehicle simulator/echo loop decryptor
* Cryptographically-compatible with the Caribou VLSI microcircuit
* Satisfies NSTISSP-No. 12, National Information Assurance Policy for U.S. Space Systems
* Bypass function in all operational configurations
* RS-422 Binary or Ternary PT and CT I/O ports
* RS-232C I/O for configuration control and status, plain text, and cipher text
* Unclassified Controlled Cryptographic Item (CCI)
* Control input and status available via front panel or computer interface
* Key fill interface accepts keys on standard floppy diskettes with full key mapping capabilities. Key storage of 256 traffic keys (maximum)
* Built-in Self-Test, Power Transient Detection, and Checkword testing
* Designed to meet NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92 and MIL-STD-461C EMI/EMC standards


Data Rate: TTL IRS-422 I/O: Up to 5 Mbps
Operating Voltage: 110 to 220 V AC
Power Consumption: 60 watts maximum
PT Data Formats: RS-422, Binary (NRZ-L); Ternary; RS-232C
CT Data Formats: RS-422, Binary (NRZ-L); Ternary; RS-232C
Remote Control: RS-232C or RS-422 (GCD)
MTBF: >100K hours (est.)
Key Selection: Up to 256 Keys
Key Fill: Via front panel
MTBF: >100K hours (est.)
Weight: 25 lbs.
Size: 3.5" H x 19" W x 23" D with modern front panel interface
Unit Classification: Unclassified COMSEC Controlled Item

Contributors and Credits:

1) Ralph Simpson <ralphenator(at)>

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Apr 13/12