MYK-17B Pegasus Ground Unit

The SafeNet GSD MYK-17B Pegasus satellite ground station encryptor/decryptor provides satellite link security for government applications.


* Cryptographically-compatible with the KG-227 and KG-228 flight units, KGV-227 VLSI, and KI-17
* Transmitter and receiver operation with bypass
* Cryptographic bypass, cipher text invert, and zeroization capabilities
* Maximum data rate of 100 Mbps
* Control input and status available via front panel or computer interface
* EKMS/Benign key fill interface; accepts key exchanges from a data transfer device
* Key storage of 256 traffic keys (max)
* NSA-certified for Type 1 applications
* 3.5" high, 19' wide rack mount design with modern front panel interface
* Built-in Self-Test, Power Transient Detection, and Randomization
* Compliant with NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92 and MIL-STD461C EMI/EMC requirements


* Data Rate:
TTL I/O - 1 Kbps to 10 Mbps
ECL I/0 - 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps
* Operating Voltage: 110 Vac
* Power Consumption: 100 Watts Maximum
* Remote Control: RS-232C or RS-422 (GCD)*
* Key Selection: Up to 256 keys
* Key Fill: EKMS/Benign Key Fill
* Weight: 25 lbs.
* Size: 3.5" high x 19" wide x 20" deep
* Unit Classification: CCI

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Apr 28/12