PACE means "Pocket-Sized Automatic Crypto Equipment". (Photo and copy below courtesy of Kongsberg Defence Communications)

Pocket-size Automatic Crypto Equipment

PACE is a hand-held message terminal that encrypts and transmits messages over voice-grade circuits. Error detection and correction are included, ensuring correct message reception. It is NATO-approved for all classifications, including NATO COSMIC TOP SECRET.

PACE provides rapid and secure message exchanges directly between originator and addressee over unprotected telephone or radio links.

The device is ruggedized and is suitable both for desktop and field use. Battery powered, the unit is self-contained with keyboard for input and display for output. Input from and output to a Personal Computer is also possible.

PACE has multiple functions for:

Free text encryption
MERCS application
Recognition and Identification



Has  seven different modes -
Modem FSK, 2025 and 2225 Hz (Bell 103)
Text store Two stores; dynamically divided
Total 3,500 characters
Cryptology: Two NATO-approved algorithms
Classification: Unclassified, CCI
Message protection for all classifications
Key variables: Key store for nime keys
Key setting: Physical or electronical transfer
Tempest: AMSG 720B-approved

Credits and References

1)  Kongsberg Defence Communications AS, Billingstad, Norway

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Jan 9/09