Racal MA4450  Tactical Data-Entry Device.

Racal MA4450

This small, robust terminal finished in NATO olive drab, (230 x 230 x 80 mm), will enable the operator to send and receive secure messages over radio circuits.

 It comprises of the following components:

 A full QWERTY keyboard.
 Additional keys marked Enter, Send, Read, Light, Print, Store and Off.
 A 32-character LCD display.
 Red LEDís indicating Enter, Send,  Read,  Msg Recíd,  Ack & Power.
 There are four connections at the rear, Headset, Radio, Printer, & Remote.
 A protective lid with red LEDís illuminates the display.

The unit is connected between the headset and radio and is transparent except when sending a message. 24V power is supplied via the printer or remote socket.  Two AA size lithium backup batteries store messages and set up parameters when the primary power is switched off or disconnected.

Six transmit messages may be held ready for sending, each message not exceeding 475 characters, or 2000 characters in total.

Up to 16 received messages are stored and can be read out to the 32 Character display, scrolled through or printed remotely.  The output is Audio Frequency Shift Keying at 150 or 600 baud rate. Forward error correction is implemented.

Up to four 16 bit alphanumeric cypher keys can be entered and stored. Two key presses will zero the unit and delete all messages.

Four-station address can be entered and stored.

ma4450_01s.jpg MA4450. Click on image to enlarge.
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Feb 11/11