USM 481 Test Set

The USM 481 Test Set is designed to be used with KY-57 series of installations along with the VRC-46 series of radios. This set is designed to test the various mounts, cables, and junction boxes used with the VRC family of equipment. Specifically, it supports VRC-46, PRC-77, AM-2060, MT-1029, MX-6707, and KY-57 equipment and all the associated cables. It will test each cable pin by pin and display the results on a digital display. The unit contains no classified material and is a test test only.The USM 481 can be powered from AC, DC, or a BB590 battery. Another feature is the removable power supply that will power the KY-57 or related radios with the same power connector.

Copy provided by Tony Snider of Virginia Beach, Virginia while the unit was up for sale on e-Bay in July, 2000.



The USM 481 test set and its accessories. Photo courtesy of Tony Snider.

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