The AN/UXC-4 is a secure airborne tactical digital facsimile set. (crypto FAX set).

Operability: Designed to operate with U.S. Tri Tac System
Entered service: Early 1980's. Completed DCA Cat III certification in March 1982.
Power Consumption:  375 watts
Recording method: Laser on dry electro photographic paper.
Modes: Can also be used as a 180 line per minute line printer using ASCII (75 baud) or Baudot  (45.5 to 75 baud) as the data source.

Transmission time: 1 full page of text takes 25 seconds to print at 9600 bps.
Resolution: Fine: 8 x 7.7 lines/mm
                    Standard: 8 x 3.85 lines/mm
                    Fast: 4 x 3.85 lines /mm
Original copy size : 215 mm
Power : 28 VDC or 115/208/230 VAC ; 375 watts consumption in full duplex ; Standby - 240 watts.
Dimensions: Width - 553 mm ; including cover 609 mm
                      Height - 483 mm; including cover 508 mm
                      Depth - 445 mm including cover 470 mm
Weight: 65.77 kg including cover
Original manufacturer: Litton Amecom Division, College Park, Md.

UXC-4 photo courtesy of 1985 JANES Military Communications Book.

Nameplate (E-bay photo)

Exterior of ther Litton PP-7666 power supply which originally cost the US Government  $37,458 new. (E-bay photo)

Interior Facing Side of Power Supply. Notice the Tempest treatment. (Photo courtesy E-bay).
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April 17/05