AN/UXC-10/TS-21 Blackjack

The AN/UXC-10 is a lighter, more capable  tactical FAX than its predecessor, the AN/UXC-7. It receives and sends data at 64 kbps and provides photographic quality imagery far superior to typical half tone dithered technology. Besides being built to a NATO/MIL standard, the devices is also a digital scanner, printer and copier and allows the transmission and reception of classified material using a variety of secure military communications means (STU-III, KG-84, DSVT, SINCGARS). It's also compatible with the AN/UXC-7 and AN/UXC-4.

UXC-10 operates in both an encrypted and unencrypted manner and provides a universal means of communications for operating in a coalition or joint forces environment.

AN/UXC-10 photo courtesy Cryptek

Black/White, half-tone, 4, 8,16 true shades of gray
Synchronous Mode/Asynchronous Mode
Commercial Group 3
US and NATO Protocol Standards
Non-standard Protocols
PC and data network compatible via the image server serial port (optional feature)

Original Document Size
* Paper Width: Up to 8.5 inches (216 mm)
* Paper Length: More than 40 inches (1.0 m)
* Effective Scanning Width: Up to 8.3 inches (211 mm) for 8.5 inches (216 mm) original
* Recording Paper Size: 8.5 inches (216 mm) x 165 feet (50 m) roll

Recording Technology
* Linear thermal array: 1728 elements using thermal paper. No toner required. Automatic or Manual paper cutter.

Scanning Technology
* LED Contact Scan Array: 1728 elements (Contact Image Sensor Technology)

* Low: 102h x 98v pels/inch (4.0 x 3.85 pels/mm)
* Medium: 204h x 98v pels/inch (8.0 x 3.85 pels/mm)
* High: 204h x 196v pels/inch (8.0 x 7.7 pels/mm)

Transmission Rates
* Up to 64 Kbps synchronous, with automatic adjust to data rate, 2.4 to 38.4 Kbps asynchronous
* Compression: Modified Huffman Algorithm: encoding, decoding

Transmission Modes
* Compressed, compressed with forward error correction, uncompressed (for high noise environments)

* JITC Certified
* Digital synchronous port RS-232C, RS-449, MIL-STD-188-114 COMSEC: STU-II STE, STU-III (all vendors, full- and half duplex),
KG-84, KG-84A, KG-84C, KY-57 (16, 12 and 8 KBPS versions), KY-58 (with airborne radio equipment), MSE, DNVT, DSVT (KY-68), ANDVT, SINCGARS, SUNBURST, MISTE II,
BID-series MIL-STD-188-161 (C) Type I (B&W) and Type II (gray scale) and NATO STANAG 5000 Type I (B&W) and Type II (gray scale)
* Compatible equipment includes AN/UXC-7 (Magnavox) and AN/UXC-4 (Litton)
* Optional asynchronous compatibility with IBM PC or compatibles using Image Server image storage and retrieval software.
* Non-standard modified Group 3 digital protocols
* ITU Group 3 commercial

* Outer Dimensions: 19.4 inches (49.2cm) wide x 16.6 inches (42cm) deep x 7.0 inches (18cm) high
* Power: Auto-ranging 110/240 VAC 46/64 Hz 12/28 VDC; 240W maximum
* Weight : 41 lbs. (18.6 kg), 34.5 lbs. (15.6 kg) without cover
* Operating Environment: Tested and certified for appropriate sections of DoD MIL-STD-810E and MIL-STD-461D

Initial Fielding for United States Marine Corps : 2003 - QTY 63 units procured.
Manufacturer: Cryptek, Sterling, VA 20166.

Currently (2007) , the AN/UXC-10 has been used mainly for ship-to-shore MEU operations, imagery transmission by the Radio Battalions and to transmit documentation when the LAN fails.

Select this link to view the TS-21 data sheet.

TS-21 - General view
ts21_shipping case.jpg
TS-21 in shipping case.
TS-21 nameplate
ts21_line binding_posts.jpg
Binding post detail for line and phone connections. 
All photos in this table courtesy E-bay

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