WINDSTER consists of a PC board containing several custom LSIs ( Large scale Integrations) and discrete devices. This module incorporates the SAVILLE I and PADSTONE algorithms to provide security for classified traffic. It also contains the CORDOBA algorithm which provides security for sensitive unclassified traffic. The CORDOBA provides interoperability with many inventory SAVILLE-based equipment. WINDSTER is a 500 Kbps full/half duplex embeddable COMSEC module used to secure digital voice or data traffic. It provides cryptographic interoperable traffic operation with KY-57/58, E-DRZ, KYV-2, KYV-5, KG-84, RAILMAN, INDICTOR, and STU-III. It also provides re-key operations interoperable with the KY-57/58, KYV-5, INDICTOR, and RAILMAN equipment.

This embeddable module may be used with various voice/data equipment such as mobile or desk top telephones, modems, or man-pack radios. It is approved for use at all classification levels. The authorized vendor is Harris, RF Communications. The approximate cost is $2700 each for quantities of 1 to 249 and $1600 each for quantities over 250.

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Mar 24/01