General Dynamics C4 Systems’ encryption module secures wireless intercom systems used onboard U.S. Army and U.S. Navy helicopters. The module is capable of protecting secure conversations between air and ground crew members. General Dynamics is partnering with Telephonics Corporation, the prime contractor for the U.S. Army's new Aircraft Wireless Intercom System (AWIS), and will begin production of the WED modules in 2009.

AWIS is based on the Telephonics TruLink® wireless intercommunication system. The system improves communications efficiency and aircrew safety by eliminating cord clutter. Crew members have greater freedom of movement by eliminating long communication tethers and visual signals used by personnel during ground-based, high-risk operations such as hot-refueling.

Windtalker photo courtesy General Dynamic C4 Systems 

* Up to 6 simultaneous full-duplex talkers per channel
* Adaptive VOX for hands-free operation
* Designed to operate in high acoustical noise environment
* 50 channels (independent nets)
* Up to 31 operators per channel
* 2.4 GHz wireless intercommunication system
* Proven Sectéra® secure architecture


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Jan 11/10