HMCS Iroquois, NYC, 1976:  The foc'sle party of HMCS Iroquois, a Halifax-based 280-class destroyer, look at the Big Apple skyline as the 425-ft. ship makes its way up the Hudson River, July 3, 1976, to participate in the U.S. bicentennial naval review next day. The then-three-year-old World Trade Center towers dominate the centre background. (Photo by PO2 Peter Magwood)
HMCS Iroquois, NYC, 1976:  The barrel of HMCS Iroquois’ 5-in. 54-cal. gun pokes in front of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, New York City, as the focsle party watch the Lower Manhattan skyline slip past on July 3, 1976. The destroyer Iroquois, along with dozens of other warships, assembled in New York City harbor and the Hudson River to observe the U.S. bicentennial, July 4, 1976.  (Photo by PO2 Peter Magwood) 
HMCS Iroquois, at anchor in the Hudson River, July 4, 1976. (Photo by PO2 Peter Magwood)
IROQUOIS, as she appeared in 1987 as a flag ship. Leonard A. Carriere who provided the photo sailed onboard as the MS Admin Clerk in the Ships Office and senior hand of One Mess.  (DND photo submitted by Leonard A. Carriere) 
A view from Iroquois from her workboat during IROSTANAVFORLANT 1987-88.(Photo  by Leonard A. Carriere)
An aerial view of  Iroquois during IROSTANAVFORLANT 1987-88 taken from a Sea King helicopter.  (Photo by Leonard A. Carriere)
Replenishment at sea. This photo was taken during the Gulf War 1992, by Warrant Officer Jean Blouin, DND Combat Camera. (Submitted by Len Carriere) 
This photo of DDH280 was taken from USS Bataan somewhere in the Arabian Sea in mid-December 2001. Iroquois was part of the battle group providing an escort as a plane guard to the amphibious assault carrier Bataan. (Photo submitted by Sandy McClearn)

Taken from Iroquois, one of her signalling lights has received  a generous coating of ice during the Iroquois/Fredericton Missilex 23 exercise in January 2003,  about 50 nm east of Norfolk, VA. (Photo by PO2 J.W. Voakes,  HMCS Iroquois) 

Taken in March 2008. (Photo by Jarrod David)


1) Leonard A. Carriere. e-mail: CarriereL(at)DFO-MPO.GC.CA
2) Jarrod David <jdavid235(at)>

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