Many thanks are extended to the following individuals who contributed to the content in the Decca section of this web page.

Adams, John - Comissioner, Canadian Coast Guard, Ottawa , Ontario

Barnhouse, Pat - Deputy Scientific Advisor Maritime, DND, Ottawa, Ontario.

Dawson, Dan - former Decca transmitter technician. Nova Scotia

Grainger, Doug - former CDC employee, British Columbia

Jones, David. S.,  - Litra Manufacturing Inc.Norcross  GA,  USA

Kuiper, Tom - Jet Propulsion Labratory. Pasadena, CA

Miller, Ian A. - Ottawa, Ontario

Perkins, J. David - Submarine Historian, Halifax N.S.

Willson, Cdr Bob -  RCN (Ret'd)

Young, Michael  - RCN History List.


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10)  David Sparvell (G4FTC) Decca web page.
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