This page has been designed in order to help former Decca employeess locate other people who were formerly employed by  the Decca Navigator Company.

Huggins, Peter

Flew the Decca demonstrator Ambassador aircraft on various Decca airborne trials and is now 94 years old in 2008.

E-mail:     peter(at)huggins14.freeserve.co.uk

Johnson, Dave.

I was employed on the South African mainchain 1974-77 and emigrated from South Africa to New Zealand in 1986. Since leaving SA I have lost touch with the people I worked with and I am trying to find out what happened to some of the employees in SA when the chain was disbanded specifically people from the Port
Elizabeth  area.

e-mail: dave.johnson(at)tait.co.nz or davejohnson47(at)hotmail.com
Sept 1/02

McGauchie, John

I joined Decca in 1965, after training in Brixham  Did a tour in the Persian Gulf then the Bahamas. When I immigrated to the US, I joined Motorola, remaining with them for 28 years after which I retired. Would like to hear from anyone else. Here are some names from the Gulf stations during my tour.

John Shrosbree
Terry Egan
Bill Clucas
Jim Waites
Dave Pronger (Chain Manager)
xxx Ross (forget his first name), also on the Master station on the Bahamas chain I think
Jack Smith (diesels), also on Bahamas chain

Names from the Bahamas Chain

Eddie Duthie (diesels)
Alec(?) McGuinness

E-mail: <jmcgauch(at)pwhome.com>

Rose, Christopher:

I worked for Decca in the Bahamas and then went to Vietnam in 1965. Stayed with Decca until the end of my contract in July 1968 but hung around with three other survivors trying to keep things going. All to no avail as we finally left the office in July 1969. I was mostly stationed at Van Kiep (Master South) then Phan Thiet and Tay Ninh.

I was under contract to the US Decca Navigator Systems Inc. although I am British. Had previously served with the British Army. Now in business for myself and living in France. Looking to locate any former Decca employees.

Christopher Rose
E-mail: rosechristoph(at)gmail.com
Jan 10/12


Your web master is interested in knowing if there are any old issues of Decca Navigator News which feature any stories dealing with the construction of new chains. Specifically, I'm looking for maps for any region which is not shown  in the Decca Chains document. Please reply to the e-mail address on the home page.

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Jan 10/12