200PT Transmitter

ID: 200PT/ 88032
Modes: ?
Frequency Range: ?
Power Output: ? watts
Frequency Control: ?

115 Volt,  25/60 Hz 9.5 amps
Spec 88031
Circa: ?

Can anyone provide more info? Contact: jerry.proc@sympatico.ca

At the left is the Marconi 200PT with the LTT-4 transmitter on the right. Both are on display in  the radio room of the St. Roch, a historic RCMP patrol boat berthed as an indoor exhibit at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. (Image courtesy Vancouver Maritime Museum)

A close view of the lower portion of the 200-PT. (Image courtesy Vancouver Maritime Museum)

Contributors and Credits:

1) Guy Mathias Vancouver Maritime Museum Curator   <collections(at)vancouvermaritimemuseum.com>

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Dec 13/07